Do you have serious dental problems or feel like "my mouth is a mess?" Are you embarrassed by the way your teeth look when you smile? Do you feel ashamed for "letting your mouth go" for so long, or have you have been putting off getting your work done "forever?" Perhaps you are here because you feel hopeless or disappointed from previous dentists, or do not know who to trust...

If ANY of the above sounds familiar, YOU can finally relax.

Simply put, we will put a smile on your face even if you believe you are a dental disaster. Even if you Hate going to the Dentist or Fear has stopped you from getting the care you want and need. So whether you have complex dental problems, feel your situation is hopeless, or just have bad luck from the dental gene pool...we believe you will find our office very different.

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Dr. Patel, Dr Jones, and Team

You Are Here Because...

Our practice is "like no other" that offers:

  • No Lectures or Judgments, EVER!
  • We Guarantee you will love how your teeth look and feel.
  • You will discover a plan to avoid excessive cost, pain, inconvenience, and embarrassment for a lifetime.
  • IV sedation allows Dr. Jones to ensure your comfort, allowing little to no memory of the entire procedure for most patients.
  • Dr. Jones performs Complex Dentistry Full Time. Not only is this his passion, but he also lectures nationally and even teaches other dentists systems an techniques for cosmetic dentistry.

So if You are READY to...

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I am the patient that was crying in the car... But now, after all these ten implants, I have no problems coming here. It's like going shopping, almost now. I was living in a lot of pain and it was important for me to have a beautiful smile again. I would tell people that this is 100% the place to be. Dr. Jones will 100% take care of you. His staff will make every possible effort to make it easy for you and you need to get it done because it's worth it. (See More of Christina's Story)

For many years, I had dealt with my teeth like just fix as needed and I let things go that shouldn't be let go. I finally got to the point where I felt like I really ought to do something. I had put off the expense as long as I could but then it became not expense but more of improving my life and improving my appearance and that's what was accomplished with Dr. Jones. (See More of Ken's Story)

I had a lot of problems...and Angela kind of walked me through everything and I felt really cared for and appreciated and just felt really at ease. I hated to smile, so I just wanted to be able to have a nice smile and have healthy teeth and healthy gums. It was a breeze, I woke up and it was done. I feel more confident, it's like a totally different person. I was floored...(See More of Joyce's Story)